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What changes at our institution should we notify ASIC about?

If something affects the running of your institution either in academic or administrative terms, we need to be informed. The reason for this is to ensure that you continue to be compliant with current legislation/our standards. Examples include changes in premises, ownership, management/key staff, courses or awarding bodies - or gaining/losing licenses to operate.

See the full responsibilities for maintaining accreditation in the ASIC Handbook.

Complaints concerning an ASIC accredited institution: what is the process?

In the first instance, if a student or staff member contacts ASIC to make a complaint, they will be asked to resolve the matter according to the institution’s complaints procedure.

If the complainant has followed the procedure and the matter is not dealt with satisfactorily, they may contact ASIC for assistance:

  1. The student/staff member must provide evidence that: they have a valid complaint or grievance; show that they have followed/or tried to comply with the complaints procedure.
  2. If the evidence supplied requires further investigation, ASIC will contact the institution directly to try and resolve the matter.

ASIC's involvement is to ensure the institution is complying with its own internal procedures and upholding our standards. In an extreme or serious situation, the ASIC Accreditation Committee may become involved, and accreditation withdrawn.

More information is in the ASIC Handbook

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