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ASIC Membership

Not yet ready to apply for ASIC Accreditation, but want to take the first step? Or do you wish to demonstrate your commitment to ASIC values and ethics and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the ASIC community without becoming accredited?

The first step in your journey to full accreditation

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Why become a member?

Why become a member?

Become an ASIC Member Institution and begin your journey toward future accreditation (Membership, Candidacy, Interim, and then ASIC Accreditation). We will work with you to help your institution grow and improve, working towards the ultimate goal of upholding and maintaining the ASIC Standards of Accreditation.

Membership is also an option for those who are unable to go through the accreditation process but who wish to celebrate and exemplify the traits and ethics of being an ASIC Institution, benefitting in turn from joining our global community of like-minded institutions and partners.

  1. ASIC Membership Certificate (membership is for a period of one year and needs to be renewed annually)
  2. ASIC Member Logo (Institutions will be able to use the ASIC Member Logo on their website and promotional material, for as long as they are members)
  3. Institutional listing on the ASIC website
  4. Assistance in the development of international partnerships and international student recruitment
  5. Access to the ASIC helpdesks
  6. Access to ASIC newsletters
  7. ASIC member institutions who then move forward with ASIC accreditation will have the current years membership fee reduced from their accreditation fee
  8. Access to ASIC's 60 policies and procedures to either adopt and/or adapt
  9. Invite to annual conference (as and when organised)
Membership apply

How to Apply

Applying for ASIC Membership is a simple and straightforward process. Go to our Resources page, download and complete the Application for Membership, and then return it to Our team will then review your application. (NB: In some cases, we may contact you to ask for further information). We will then contact you regarding the outcome within a month of receiving your submission.

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