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Is there an appeals procedure if ASIC accreditation is refused or removed from an institution?

Yes, please see the ASIC Handbook for more information.

How do I work with ASIC Accredited Institutions?

We only promote the services of those we have formal partnerships with to our institutions. If you would like to explain who/what your company/organisation is and outline what services you are offering and how they would help our institutions, you can send this to with "Partnership Enquiry" in the subject line. If you do not hear from us, please understand that your services are not needed at this time.

I want to work with ASIC. How do I do this?

That entirely depends on in what capacity you wish to work with us. To help us answer your question, please contact us detailing how you hope to work with us. If your request is a sensible one, one of our team will be in touch to advise you further.

How do I apply for a job at ASIC?

We advertise positions on appropriate channels as and when they become open. You are welcome to send in a speculative CV and covering letter to Please be aware there is no guarantee that there is a position available and that, by doing so, you explicitly agree to our privacy policy.

How do I become an ASIC Inspector?

Becoming an inspector is a rigorous process that involves initial checks regarding suitability for the post and qualifications, followed by a training programme. If you are interested in becoming an ASIC Inspector, see the answer to the question above. We get a lot of interest in the inspector positions so, if you do not hear back from us, please understand that we have a wide network of inspectors, and we may not need to recruit at this time.

I am an Agent, and I want to work with ASIC/ASIC Institutions. How do I do this?

We advise all of our institutions to only work with registered agents who agree to operate ethically. Our sister company QISAN provides verification services for educational agents.

I sent an email to ASIC, and you haven’t responded. Why is this?

We work UK Office Hours Monday to Friday, and the usual response time to most queries is within two working days. Please check your inbox and spam folder as it is most likely that we have already replied, and you will find the email by searching for “asic” within your email folders. If there is a delay in response, it may be because the person you are trying to contact is travelling/on an inspection. If you are still concerned that we have not responded, you can forward your original email to

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