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ASIC International Accreditation

Following your inspection, our report will provide you with recognition of the areas in which you excel, as well as recommendations based upon the operation and pedagogical methods of world-leading education and training providers - designed to cultivate further improvement.

We help you deliver quality education, respected worldwide.

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ASIC’s Areas of Operation

ASIC’s Areas of Operation

Our standards evaluate over ninety Key Performance Indicators within eight Areas of Operation.

Our institutional review will provide you with recognition of the areas in which you excel and recommendations to drive further success.

The ASIC Standards for Accreditation are rigorous, but we are not prescriptive - we recognise that different methods work in different settings. Our inspectors are keen to reward commendable and innovative approaches, detailing them in their reports. We, in turn, learn from our institutions, developing our standards with the ever-evolving future of international education in mind.

  1. Governance, Management, and Staff Resources
  2. Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  3. Systems Management
  4. Learning, Teaching, and Research Activity
  5. Awards and Qualifications
  6. Student Welfare
  7. Premises and Health and Safety
  8. Marketing and Recruitment of Students
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ASIC Accreditation is...

"It was a wonderful experience. The team really motivated and encouraged all the groups they met." Dhofar University.

ASIC institutions describe our approach as a welcome "breath of fresh air" markedly distinct from the sector standard. Our experience and expertise are shaped by each institution we work with. We believe that no matter the type of institution, there is something they can learn from another provider.

Accreditation by ASIC is independent and unbiased, and our inspections lead to the production of comprehensive and accessible reports, providing you with a blueprint for future excellence. Our inspectors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and, as we work with you throughout the process, we aim to enthuse and motive those we meet. We want to help you nurture a culture of continuous development within your institution - to deliver tangible impact and results.

Our Standards for Accreditation follow proven practices of world-leading international education and training providers, and we welcome applications regardless of a specific discipline focus or type of institution. Our accreditation is institutional and works across diverse settings, recognising the need for varied solutions in different countries and types of provision. You can apply for Accreditation to cover the entire institution, or a specific department, faculty, or programme.

Our holistic approach evaluates the elements integral to the efficient functioning, quality delivery of educational provision, and reputational standing of an institution. The inspection covers the whole range of facilities, resources, and activities on offer - and we take particular care to focus on the student experience and staff expertise. Ultimately, the primary objective of the accreditation process is to recognise and underpin your institution’s commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience for students in a safe, welcoming, and caring environment.

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Quality Enhancement

In a sector often divided by competition, we encourage collaboration. Our network of international institutions provides you with the chance to partner with feeder schools, engage in staff and student exchange programmes, develop dual degree/other programme possibilities, and join research, training, and publication opportunities.

Once accredited, institutions can benefit from joining our Partnership Development Database, and staff can attend our CPD-certified programme of seminars and webinars. We also offer further opportunities to collaborate, share best-practice, and network at our international conferences. All ASIC institutions receive direct notification of Call for Papers as soon as these opportunities become available.

Dedicated to the continual improvement of education.

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