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ASIC Consultancy Services

ASIC has a wealth of experience in providing consultancy to a vast range of education providers, governments, NGOs, and private organisations worldwide. Learn more about how our area specialists can help you advance your projects with tailored expertise and unique solutions.

Accreditation that leads to genuine impact and tangible results.

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How we can help

How we can help

Take advantage of our international education sector expertise and advance your project goals.

Access the knowledge of top-level education and business professionals brought together under the banner of the ASIC Consultancy Service (ACS) to assist your educational establishment's growth in a highly competitive sector. Our skilled and respected practitioners include VCs, CEOs, Deans, Professors, and Chairmen with decades of dedication and proven results in delivering the highest standards.

Types of customised solutions we offer

We offer our consultancy services and bespoke training to educators across the entire breadth ofthe sector, including:

  • Government bodies and Ministries of Education
  • World Ranking Organisations
  • Privately-run foundations
  • NGOs
  • Government-run institutions
  • Religious schools
  • Major corporations and investment groups
  • Private schools, colleges, universities, academies and ESL/language schools
  • Start-ups
  • Niche industry training initiatives
  • Regional and National Accrediting Agencies
  • Boards of private sector Academy Groups

Dedicated to the continual improvement of education.

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