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Uk accreditation

UK Accreditation

Grow your student recruitment with our UK Government approved accreditation service

UK Accreditation Overview

We welcome applications from all types of UK education providers wishing to increase their international student recruitment using the UKVI standard visitor visa and the short-term study visa routes. The assessment leading to the award of accreditation covers the whole range of facilities, activities and resources of your operation, placing the central focus on the student experience and the expertise of the staff responsible for delivering this.

Our inspectors have a wealth of experience working in the UK higher education and further education sectors. This expertise, along with our unique insight into the international education market, is embedded within our Standards. The objective of the accreditation process is to recognise and underpin your institution’s commitment to providing a high-quality learning experience in a safe and supportive environment.

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The importance of accreditation: The UK as an attractive place to study

Independent and impartial, ASIC Accreditation covers the entire spectrum of your operation and is suitable for a diverse range of institutions.

From English language and business schools to further education settings, adult training providers, summer schools, and distance learning solutions. ASIC Accreditation exists to help uphold the values and standards which make the UK an attractive, welcoming, and safe place for international students to undertake their studies. We evaluate your delivery, processes, and governance to assure students (and their caregivers and sponsors) that the entire educational experience meets the highest standards, ultimately leading to valuable UK qualifications. We help every institution we work with to put quality at the heart of what they do, ensuring that students are protected and that the UK's reputation in the sector remains world-leading.

Dedicated to the continual improvement of education.

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