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ASIC International Conference – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20-21 September 2017

To mark our 10th anniversary ASIC will be holding its first International Conference in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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ASIC Training

ASIC is committed to supporting our institutions far beyond the accreditation process.  We know that there is more to running an educational institution than just gaining accreditation, and so want to help our colleges maintain and improve their standards in the long term.  To help our institutions with this, ASIC offers seminars, training and access to other events which our colleges may find beneficial.

Events and Training

To provide high quality training opportunities, we join up with relevant organisations whose knowledge will help you to stay up to date with the latest legislation and best practices.

Ongoing development with accredited institutions includes the delivery of training programmes for institutions on topics such as the accreditation process itself, health and safety, relations with awarding bodies, quality assurance and enhancement, course review, high-quality and ethical student recruitment, the development of codes of practice and ethics policies, UKVI compliance, and combating fraud. These seminars are repeated on a regular basis and additional seminars will be offered in the light of future developments and institution requests.

These events are an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other education professionals in the ASIC college network.  If you are interested in partnerships, ASIC can also help you to establish these as one of the benefits of your ASIC accreditation.

Seminar Programme

Seminars coming soon include:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Health and Safety
  • Using new media when recruiting new international students
  • International student recruitment workshops and recruitment fairs
  • …and many more

Previous seminars include:

  • Internationalisation, Key Performance Indicators and International Student Mobility
  • Compliant International Student Recruitment in an Increasingly Adverse Climate
  • Establishing a Student’s True Intent to Study
  • Secure Recruitment Practices – delivered in collaboration with the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UKNARIC)
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Tier 4 Basket
  • Protecting your Tier 4 Licence – delivered in collaboration with the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UKNARIC)

Recruitment Fairs and Workshops

In the past few years we have attended and exhibited at many international student recruitment events, both alongside our accredited institutions and on their behalf. This has proven to be an effective and useful exercise and ASIC continue to offer this service. You can find out about upcoming fairs and workshops we will be attending on our website as well as in our regular newsletter.


30% Discount at all WEBA Events

As one of the benefits of ASIC accreditation, ASIC’s institutions can gain a 30% discount at all WEBA events.  These include regular international student recruitment fairs at a variety of locations worldwide and WEBA agent workshops.  These provide excellent opportunities for colleges to recruit students, meet new agents and develop partnerships.

More information about WEBA events can be found here.


ASIC Events

We sponsor and organise events throughout the year in collaboration with other organisations. These events can provide valuable assistance in working with agents and recruiting new students.  Details of our upcoming events are circulated in our regular newsletters.