Info For Institutions

In order for ASIC to undertake its accreditation of international schools, colleges, universities, training providers and distance education providers, we have identified eight areas of an institution’s operation for inspection. These are listed below.

The eight Areas of Operation are:

  • A – Premises, and Health and Safety
  • B – Governance, Management and Staff Resources
  • C – Learning, Teaching and Research Activity
  • D – Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • E – Student Welfare
  • F – Awards and Qualifications
  • G – Marketing and Recruitment of Students
  • H – Systems Management and Compliance with Immigration Regulations

Accreditation by ASIC is independent and unbiased and the accreditation of institutions is undertaken by inspectors who have a wealth of relevant experience. While the assessment leading to accreditation covers the whole range of facilities, resources and activities of the institutions as listed above, there is a focus on the whole student experience and on the underpinning staff expertise.  We want to encourage all our accredited institutions to become as student-focused as possible in their approach.

ASIC accreditation is holistic – encompassing institutions in their entirety rather than particular programmes or qualifications. Institutions may, therefore, approach ASIC for accreditation regardless of their specific discipline focus. The primary objective of the accreditation process is not to award a one-off kite-mark, but rather to recognise and underpin an institution’s commitment to providing a high quality learning experience for students in a safe and supportive environment, and to continuing quality enhancement of that experience.

Ongoing development with accredited institutions includes the delivery of training programmes for institutions on topics such as the accreditation process itself, health and safety, relations with awarding bodies, quality assurance and enhancement, course review, high-quality and ethical student recruitment, the development of codes of practice and ethics policies, UKVI compliance, and combating fraud. These seminars are repeated on a regular basis and additional seminars will be offered in the light of future developments and institution requests.

Accredited institutions can use the ASIC logo and ASIC promotional materials for the duration of their accreditation. If an institution has their accreditation withdrawn or chooses to withdraw, they will no longer be able to use the ASIC logo or any associated materials.