Retail Training Professionals: New and exciting e-learning courses!

Guest Post from Chris Laxton at RTP Ltd:


Retail Training Professionals

  • Are you looking for something new and exciting to implement at your educational institute?
  • Are your students seeking more modern and engaging ways of learning?
  • Do you find it hard to source new content and implement that content quickly and easily into your institution?
  • Are looking for a new syllabus that will generate a profit for your organisation?

If yes then please keep reading….

What is RTP?

Plain and simple, we are a supplier of retail e-learning courses. We are looking for business partners to implement our modules within your organisation. After 4 years of development and over 800 sources of research, the team has developed a brilliant 55,000-word certification and e-learning products. We provide 7 modules that cover the following topics, effective communication, products and merchandise, sales, safety and legislation, security and loss prevention, customer service and how to manage and improve personal presentation.

Retail Professional Certification

Now combine all of RTP’s modules together and you have our retail professional certification (RP) which has been benched marked against the European Qualifications Framework, comprising of 15 hours of seat time and 45 total learning hours. RTP certification has been validated by ASIQUAL which is ASIC’s umbrella company.

Quality Assurance

• Validated by ASIQUAL and RP professional technical writers.
• Course content has been quality checked by our Retail Quality Assurance team.

What sets us apart?

Our quality assurance team have worked for some of the world’s leading brands in the retail industry; students are therefore armed with a retail certification that is modern and up-to-date with the retail industry. Most importantly it will allow those students to gain successful employment. With the power of their new found knowledge, it will allow them to climb that retail ladder with great speed. This approach was one of our key business strategies in successfully aiding students in the real world. This is what really sets us apart from other retail courses and business certifications.

Two options available for Institutions:

Online Solution

Blended Solution

The latter option is for organisations who wish to offer a blend of online presence and a classroom environment. This can be a great option for both institution (higher profit margins) and students (a higher success rate in students successfully completing their certification).

Free Trial Offer

****Receive 10 free certifications from RTP and 10 free certificates from ASIQUAL. Value of over £2,000.****

For many organisations having RTP branding everywhere is not an option, and this is perfectly fine because we can rebrand all the modules and certificates with your logo and look and feel. (Rebranding is not included with RTP’s free trial offer.)

To take advantage of our Free Trial Offer for your institution or simply find out more information please contact: p +61 416 744 964 | e

For more information on our courses and what we provide please go to our website: You can see lots of great video demonstrations of all the courses. I highly recommend you check them out to really gauge the look and feel of the entire certification. All modules have major topics throughout them with learning objectives and learning outcomes and it’s clearly marked throughout the start and end of each chapter and module.

I hope this information is helpful in deciding to use our courses within your educational institute.

Many Thanks,

Chris Laxton
Managing Director


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