ASIC Strikes Deal with The FA & Blackburn Rovers

ASIC have been in talks with the FA and Blackburn Rovers about exciting new FA accredited courses aimed at students who are looking to have a career in football as a professional coach, goalkeeper or referee.

The course will be delivered by the FA and hosted by Blackburn Rovers in the UK and ASIC centres abroad.

ASIC is pleased to announce that it can now offer its accredited centres the unique opportunity to become an FA training centre. The FA is a brand that is known across the world and is a badge of quality.

Students would have to do an initial 5-day course in the UK, which is hosted by the former Premier League winners, Blackburn Rovers. Following this, students would return to their college or university with coaches from the FA to complete their training.

The FA training programme is flexible in its approach and can work with ASIC accredited organisations to deliver bespoke packages, which can be stand alone or be integrated into your existing educational offer.

To learn more about becoming an FA training centre, please contact, Lee Hammond