ASIC news for 2019

With thanks to the successes of the past year, there are a number of developments that we hope will be of benefit to you.

ASIC Events

With demand for our events increasing (and taking on board your feedback about ease of access), we are excited to announce that we will be running a series of regional conferences every year – in addition to our annual conference.

  • The regional conferences will follow the successful, more intimate format, of our recent conference in Oman. We will tailor them to your specific regional needs and key education figures from government and non-governmental bodies will be present.
  • Our annual conference will be a larger event celebrating excellence in international education. The event will provide a forum for conversation and debate as well as giving you, our accredited institutions, recognition for your work in putting quality at the heart of internationalisation.

More information can be found on our events page.

Your benefits of accreditation

We have worked hard this year to ensure we continue to add value throughout your accreditation. In the New Year, we are launching and revamping a number of initiatives.

  • College Profiles. A new look and a new purpose. Our Marketing Department will be in touch in the new year.
  • Institution Spotlight. In continuation of the changes made this year, the Spotlight Series will focus on sharing your stories and achievements with the wider education world.
  • Mobile Institution Support. Our Customer Relations Manager, Florence, will be back out on the road in early April to offer personal guidance and support. Register early interest here or contact Florence Waniwa for more information at

Education events, partners and network

We are committed to international cooperation and developing relationships with organisations whose work furthers our mission. In keeping with our pledge, to assist our institutions with widening their network and partnerships, we will continue to support opportunities and attend and promote events where we feel this will benefit you.

Where something falls outside of our remit, we work with trusted partners to assist our institutions in those areas.

  • Such as our relationship with WEBA who provide discounted attendance for ASIC institutions at all of their events to further their international student recruitment.
  • Our partnership with EduCare to provide discounted safeguarding training for your institution’s staff.
  • Or our work with government education departments around the world to help you prepare for national accreditation and audits.

Information about each new opportunity will be circulated in our newsletter.

For institutions yet to become ASIC accredited

  • We are releasing a new, updated, ASIC prospectus.
  • A guide to completing the application form is being developed, with an accompanying video.
  • We are pleased to announce we are revamping our International Schools Accreditation inline with recent international developments and research.

ASIC Accreditation and Innovation

  • As ASIC has expanded operations worldwide, we have worked with Universities to assist them with quality enhancement and expansion. More here.
  • Internationalisation Index and Diamond Ratings. The ASIC Internationalisation Index is a set of indicators designed to benefit higher educational institutions by clearly identifying what internationalisation means in their various areas of performance.
  • ASIC Platinum Crowns. The new Platinum Crowns criteria provide an opportunity to look more widely at what institutions are achieving in areas such as CSR initiatives, or innovation in pedagogy, or curriculum design.

The above* is just some of what we are looking forward to this year. We hope that you are as excited for 2019 as we are.

*This post first appeared in our newsletter. Sign up here.