ASIC CEO’s New Year Message 2017

Dear Colleagues,

2017 promises to be an exciting year for the ASIC group of companies and all of our institutions.

ASIC 10 Years Cake


This first week of January 2017 marks the occasion of ASIC’s 10th Anniversary.  Over these years we’ve had the privilege of working with many excellent institutions and seen many changes in the international education sector.  Though there have been challenges along the way, we are proud of how far ASIC’s accreditation has come and the recognition it has received around the world.

Many of our institutions have also enjoyed great success as a result, in part, of their accreditation and their belief in high quality education.  Last year saw many of our institutions experience huge growth across the globe, including the development of some fantastic partnerships.   We look forward to sharing in their continued success into 2017.

Having seen such growth internationally over the past year through ASIC Global, we now have ASIC Accredited institutions in over 46 countries worldwide.  2016 also saw us begin accreditation of some larger, government based institutions.  The first of several institutions in the Caribbean gained ASIC accreditation, with even more set to follow suit and begin the accreditation process in this new year.


ASIC ran several successful seminars in London towards the end of last year, for the benefit of our UK institutions, which focused on international student recruitment.  We are excited to continue working with all of our UK centres, looking at ever more creative solutions to help them maintain a competitive advantage in the UK and international markets.

Looking ahead to 2017, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding our first international conference this year in the Far East.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for all of our accredited intuitions to take part in and network together, gain valuable insights from our host of knowledgeable speakers and benefit from the opportunity to meet with members of the ASIC team.  In addition to this, ASIC will be producing a series of interactive webinars covering important topics in global education.  We will also be taking the opportunity of ASIC’s 10th Anniversary to launch our new Internationalisation Index.  Further details of this will follow in the coming months.

On a personal note, 2017 is set to be physically challenging, as I will be aiming once again to raise money for The Rose Education Foundation; a charity supported by ASIC and one which is very close to all our hearts.  More details of this will be coming soon, but I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have supported the work of the Rose Foundation over this past year, and helped to change the lives of many young people.

Finally, I would like to wish you all very happy and prosperous new year.  LeeHammondWe look forward to working with you in the coming months and would love to hear about your plans for this year and how we can best help you in your ongoing development.

With best wishes for 2017,

Lee Hammond