ASIC attends Infinite Opportunities | Ukraine + Arab Homeland 2018

Our International Development Manager, Geoff Boston, attended the very first Ukrainian-Arab Higher Education Conference.

I love the variety of my work as International Development Manager at ASIC. International travel is part of the job but with ASIC’s growth, from operating in 25 to over 60 countries over the past three years, the pace has certainly picked up!

Three weeks ago I was inspecting ASIC’s first institution in Ukraine, V.I. Vernadsky Taurida University in Kyiv.

Three weeks later I’m back in Kyiv, having been delighted to accept their offer to speak at the very first Ukraine-Arabic Higher Education Conference, being hosted by the University. This also provided me with the opportunity to present the Rector, Prof Volodymyr Kazarin with their Accreditation Certificate; it isn’t often, as an Inspector, that I get to return so quickly to an institution and it is always a pleasure to be able to congratulate those I witnessed working so hard in person.

Pictures from right top clockwise to right bottom: Geoff listens to translation of Arabic presentation; the conference hall set up with banner and flags; conference delegates pose for group picture with Prince Faisal Bin Sultan Bin Nasser Bin Abdelaziz Alsaud holding his honorary Doctorate centre focus; ASIC brochure displayed for conference delegates. The conference itself was fantastic to be a part of. ASIC has championed international cooperation in the education sector since its inception and I strongly believe that in a world that often seems increasingly polarised it is only by working together that we can combat the growing rhetoric of separatism.

The Ukraine-Arabic Higher Education Conference was an exercise in leading by example. Held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Sultan Bin Nasser Bin Abdelaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, who attended, spoke, and received an Honorary Doctorate, attendees included over 20 officials from the Ukraine Department of Education and Science along with a further 20 Rectors from Ukrainian Universities and a number of Embassy representatives from Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Other speakers included the Deputy Minister of Education in Ukraine, R V Hreba, and Prof Volodymyr Kazarin; and (although far from being distinguished royalty) I was honoured to speak alongside them addressing the main themes of the conference:

• International Education today: challenges and opportunities
• Quality Management in International Higher Education
• Building a Top-Ranking Higher Education Institution
• E- learning: Education in a Digital Age
• Intergovernmental Co-operation in Higher Education.

Geoff presents at Infinite Opportunities | Ukraine + Arab Homeland 2018I was pleased to be able to address all of these issues as they are very close to the heart of ASIC’s ethos. As a truly international accrediting body, with a wealth of experience in helping our accredited institutions especially in the area of Internationalisation, ASIC is passionate about driving and advocating quality and co-operation in the sector worldwide. The encouraging response to this ethos from the institutions after the conference means I am delighted to say ASIC is hoping to be back inspecting other institutions in Ukraine very shortly.

I love my job as you never know what you are doing next or where you might be going, not least talking to a Prince about Quality Assurance in Education!

Geoff Boston
ASIC International Development Manager