ASIC has always condemned racism. As a globally active organisation, we are well aware that the issues that have led to the turmoil of the past couple of weeks are not confined to a single country or a single culture. We stand in solidarity with all those who peacefully seek to root out racism, wherever in the world these activists may be.

Educationalists, more than most, should strive to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and work in harmony with others. The ASIC family is multinational and multiracial. Diversity is our strength and inclusiveness our mission.

Today we are restating our commitment to the cause of anti-racism. It is already a condition of ASIC accreditation that institutions should have an equal opportunities policy. Most of these contain an anti-racist statement. From today onwards, we expect our accredited institutions to highlight and strengthen these declarations, to develop them into a specific policy and to ensure the implementation of the policy is effectively monitored.

The ASIC Team.