ASIC Accreditation Feedback 2016

At ASIC we are really proud of our accreditation and the way in which this has benefited so many institutions over the past 10 years. Through accreditation, many of our institutions have been able to develop successful partnerships in their home countries and throughout the world. Some have gained a higher status in world university rankings or better results in their local government inspections, and others have used the process as a method to review and improve their systems and provide an even better experience for their students.

After each accreditation visit, we collect feedback from institutions asking them to reflect upon their experiences of accreditation in order that we can constantly improve our processes and provide a positive accreditation experience for all our applicants.

As part of the feedback form, ten questions are posed to institutions in which they are asked to grade their experiences as ‘Poor’, ‘Unsatisfactory’, ‘Satisfactory’, ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’.

In 2016 79% of the responses were “outstanding” across all ten questions, with 20% being “good” and only 1% “satisfactory”.

85% of institutions rated the quality of the advice and guidance given as well as inspectors’ communication with staff as “outstanding”. 81% of colleges rated the inspector’s use of evidence in their judgements as “outstanding” as did 80% of institutions in relation to the feedback provided by inspectors.

In 2016 78% viewed the overall experience of accreditation to be “outstanding”.

We also received some great comments from some of the institutions we accredited in 2016. We are pleased to know that the process of accreditation was so positive for so many of these institutions. We also received some really constructive feedback that can help us improve our services even further in the months to come.

“I thought the whole process was outstanding. It was fair, transparent and constructive – something which some other accreditation bodies do not achieve.”
– International Foundation Group, UK

“ASIC inspectors always strike an excellent balance between being professional and friendly which is always helpful for both sides.”
– London Waterloo Academy, UK

“We have been highly recommending ASIC to other institutions and we are very satisfied that this is money well spent.”
– Caribbean Maritime Institute

“We found the accreditation process very positive, supportive, interesting and helpful in developing our centre, especially at the management level. Thank you.”
– Notting Hill College, UK

“The UCC would like to commend ASIC on its thorough professional approach to accreditation – a process that actually helps the institution to develop a framework for continuous quality enhancement.”
– The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean

In our 10th anniversary year we are proud to be working with so many fantastic institutions across the globe, improving standards and working towards excellence in education.