The Art and Business College of London (ABC London)

The Art and Business College of London (ABC London) offers an experiential and high-quality education in the Creative Arts, Digital Media, Business and Enterprise to create the next generation of leaders in these fields.

It is based in a premier location adjacent to the British Museum in Bloomsbury, Central London, built in 1850 in Georgian architecture, where the famous art publishers Thames and Hudson once ran their company for 50 years.

The College serves the UK, EU and International students with the very best that the UK education has to offer. They have short art courses, the visual arts, portfolio management in Fashion and Business Diploma courses, with opportunity to progress to universities.

Both our students and staff love our college as a place of inspiration and we are just minutes away from museums, art galleries, Soho, shopping in Oxford Street, restaurants and HQs of Google, Facebook, Deliveroo, Instagram.

The Arts & Business College of London
34 Bloomsbury Street
London WC1B 3QJ

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7158 3164