Chef Academy of London

The main objective of Chef Academy is for students to learn the art of cooking and provide a platform to train in a professional environment, with some of the best Chefs in the business.

We offer highly professional courses, training you from the beginning up to Michelin star level. We also offer bespoke courses, depending on your needs and experience.

We have recently designed a new course that caters for people who want to learn to become a professional Kosher Chef.

We believe the best way to learn this trade is from a professional chef in a professional environment.

At Chef Academy we know there is no better method than the practical one.

Our students have the chance to learn from London’s Michelin starred chefs inside their kitchens.

After successful completion of the course, the student will have all the practical and theoretical tools to enter a kitchen straight away.

The huge advantage of training in this way means you have already gained practical experience, which a lot of graduates are lacking when it comes to finding a job. You are already one step ahead of the rest! 

We are very proud to say we have a 100% employment success rate. 

Contact us:

17 Hanover Square
Tel: 020 3857 4790