The Recording Workshop (TRW)

The Recording Workshop (TRW) is based in West London in the UK and for over 25 years has made a name for itself as a world class provider of short & long part-time & full-time practical courses on all aspects of music production, sound engineering & music technology. TRW is accredited by ASIC & ISI to enable International students can get a visa to study in the UK.  We offer sound engineering courses & music production courses with training that is amenable to everyone regardless of age, experience or culture and ensure to the best of our ability that you leave us with a definite plan to move forward in your career or hobby, whether it is to get work in the music industry, or set up your own studio or simply have a better understanding of the music production process.

Our courses:

  • Sound Engineering & Music Production Foundation course:
    If you’re totally new to Music Production and Sound Engineering but have always had a passion for getting involved in music recording, or you are a musician who’s played in a studio but has been kept well away from all that ‘technical stuff’, this course is for everyone.
  • DJ Tutorial courses, music production courses and sound engineering courses:
    This would be ideal if you have already had some experience, but you are frustrated by not being able to get a great sound from your mix.
  • Sound Engineer Diploma Course: This course has Part1 and Part 2:
    This a comprehensive and concise grounding course covering all aspects of sound recording and music technology. Structured so that by the end students have completed an original recording project. This is a group composition irrespective of musical knowledge. The workshops are informal and involve interacting with others and the tutor as well as practicing on the equipment available.

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